Архив задач


Выберите подходящее по смыслу слово из предложенных синонимов и употребите его в нужной форме.

1. - They have got a new flat. It is very (comfortable, convenient). It takes them about five minutes to get to the metro station. 

    - But is it (comfortable, convenient)?

    - Yes, very. It is large and well-planned, and they’ve bought very nice furniture.

2. - What are you doing here?

    - I (to expect, to wait) for Victor. We arranged to meet at ten.

    - It’s half past eleven. Do you (to expect, to wait) he will come?

3. We’d better hurry. If we (to be late for, to miss) the next bus we (to be late for, to miss) the show. It begins in half an hour.

4. - I (to come, to go) shopping. Will you (to come, to go) with me?

    - I’m afraid not. I have very many things to do and if I (to come, to go) with you I won’t be able to do them

5. - What (to say, to speak, to tell)? 

    - I (to say, to speak, to tell) I want you (to say, to speak, to tell) to your mother and (to say, to

speak, to tell) her the whole truth. Probably she will give you some good advice.