Архив задач


Выберите соответствующее контексту грамматическое явление.

1. A theatre (is building, is built, is being built) opposite our house. They (are building, are build, are being built, have built, have been building) it since last summer.

2. - I never (has been, have been, was) to Paris. And you?

    - And I (has been, have been, was) there twice.

    - Who you (has been, have been, was, were) there with?

    - With my parents.

3. - If I’m not mistaken (the, --) river Amazon is the longest river in the world. It flows into (the, --) Atlantic Ocean.

    - Isn’t (the, --) Nile the longest river in the world?

4. When I returned they (have got acquainted, had got acquainted, got acquainted) and (spoke, had been speaking, were speaking) about themselves. It turned out they (had, had had, were having) some common friends.

5. As Sweden is situated in the north of Europe (its, it’s, there’s) winters are cold and snowy. (It,

there) often snows hard and then (its, it’s, there’s) a lot of snow everywhere.