Архив задач


Составьте из данных предложений связный текст и подчеркните слова, обеспечивающие логическую связность текста.


1. Suddenly his horse went lame.

2. As the Indian refused to do this, the Spaniard used force.

3. A Spaniard was riding across deserted country in South America.

4. The Indian, taking off the cloak, exclaimed: “Neither the right eye nor the left; the horse is not blind at all.”

5. The Indian asked the judge to send for the horse.

6. A little later he saw an Indian riding a fine fresh horse and asked him to exchange horses.

7. The Spaniard had to appear before the judge whom told that the horse was his own.

8. The judge had to say that the horse must be returned to the Indian.

9. He rode away, leaving the lame horse to the Indian.

10. The Spaniard said at once:” The right one.”

11. He felt very nervous as he saw that the horse would not be able to carry him home.

12. The Indian followed him until he reached a town where he found the Spaniard.

13. When this was done the Indian threw his cloak over the horse’s head and told the judge: “This man

says that the horse is his, so let him tell you which of its eyes is blind.”