Архив задач


Из данного текста были извлечены 3 предложения (a-c). Определите, в каком месте текста они должны находиться, а какие пропуски пропусками не являются.


The famous sculptor Michelangelo lived in Florence. He was well known all over Italy for his beautiful work and the Governor of Florence made up his mind to ask the famous sculptor to make a statue out of a large piece of marble. [1                  ]

 Michelangelo worked for two years, and at last completed the beautiful statue which he called David. The day the statue was ready a large crowd of people gathered in the square. [2                 ] He stood for a long time liking at the statue. [3                  ] Then he said that he didn’t like it, as David’s nose was too long.

Michelangelo made up his mind to please the governor and not to spoil the statue. [4               ] He pretended to be changing the shape of the nose and at the same time dropped some of the marble dust which he had taken with him. [5                  ] The governor thought that this was marble dust from the nose of the statue. When Michelangelo had finished, the governor said: “That’s excellent! Now you have given more life to the face,” and the people, who understood what Michelangelo had done, shouted with joy. [6                     ]

This statue is one of Michelangelo’s best works.


a. The Governor of Florence came too.

b. He went up to the statue with a handful of marble dust.

c. A sculptor had tried to do this before him, but had only spoiled the marble.