Архив задач


Составьте из данных предложений связный текст.

Why Was She Angry?

1. The same evening he went to a florist’s.

2. As he knew that the girl was twenty-two years old, he paid for twenty-two roses and asked the florist to send them to the girl the next day.

3. One day she said to him: “It is my birthday tomorrow.”

4. He did so.

5. And he never knew why she was so angry with him.

6. When the young man came to see her she didn’t want to speak to him.

7. A young man was in love with a beautiful girl.

8. When the young man left the shop, the florist thought: “This young man is a very good customer.     I think that my price was too high, I’ll send him ten more roses.”

9. “Oh,” said the young man, “I’ll send you fresh roses, one rose for each year of your life.”

10. The florist knew the young man very well as he had often bought flowers in his shop before.

11. The next morning thirty-two roses were sent to the girl.