Архив задач


Из данного текста были извлечены 4 предложения (a, b, c, d). Определите, в каком месте текста они должны находиться, а какие пропуски в тексте пропусками не являются.

     Once upon a time the birds and the beasts were enemies and had fights. [1. ] He thought: “I’ll wait and see who wins, then I’ll go over to those who win the fight.” [2. ]

     The birds and the beasts began to fight. At first the birds were going to win and the bat went over to the birds. He said: “I’m a bird, my place is with you.” But then he saw that the beasts were going to win. [3. ] “Look, I’m very much like a mouse,” he said. “Let me be one of you.” The beasts agreed.

     [4. ] 

     The bat flew away from the beasts and from the birds and found a home in a dark place. [5. ]

     He never comes out of his home by day because he is afraid to meet a bird or a beast. [6. ]

a. He comes out of his home at night when the birds and beasts can’t see him.

b. But the birds were very clever, and they won the fighting.

c. The bat went over to the beasts.

d. The bat, being half bird and half beast, said he wasn’t going to fight.