Архив задач


Составьте из данных предложений связный текст.

                                      FIRST THINK, THEN SPEAK    

1. It was easy and the girl did what the old man asked her to do.

2. The people who listened to the stories told them to their friends.

3. “Yes,” said the old man. “These stones are like stories that you tell about people. It’s easy to throw them, but you can’t find them all. It’s easy to tell stories about other people, but you can’t call them back. First think, then speak.”

4. “But father,” said the girl. “I can find some of the stones, but I cannot find all of them.”

5. A girl liked to tell stories about other people.

6. He wanted to make her stop telling stories about other people and thought of a good plan.

7. Some stories were not good and many people did not like them.

8. When he met her one day, he said: “I want to ask you to do one thing for me. I. have a bag of small stones. When you go home, throw them as far as you can. When you do it, come back and tell me.”

9. When she came back, the old man said: “I want to ask you to do one more thing for me. Go and find all the stones.”

10. An old man of the little town where the girl lived knew about it.