Архив задач


Выберите соответствующую форму глагола. Запишите буквенное обозначение выбранной формы и номером соответствующего предложения.

One morning last week I (1) … that my bike (2) … from my garden. I (3) … the police. Two officers (4) … to my house the next day. I (5) … if I (6) … or (7) … anything. I (8) … them everything. They (9) … that two more bikes (10)… in the district. I (11)… my bike (12) ….

1. a) was realizing; b) realized; c) has realized; d) had realized.

2. a) is stolen; b) was stolen; c) had been stolen; d) has stolen.

3. a) phone; b) have phoned; c) was phoned; d) phoned.

4. a) come; b) have been come; c) came; d) had come.

5. a) ask; b) asked; c) will ask; d) was asked.

6. a) was seen; b) saw; c) have seen; d) had seen.

7. a) have been hearing; b) had heard; c) have heard; d) was heard.

8. a) have told; b) told; c) had told; d) had been told.

9. a) have said b) said; c) had said; d) had been said.

10. a) had stolen; b) stole; c) had been stolen; d) have been stole.

11. a) hope b) hoped; c) had hoped; d) was hoped.

12. a) will find b) found; c) had found; d) will be found.