Архив задач


Выберите соответствующий контексту предлог. Буквенное обозначение выбранного предлога запишите под соответствующим номером.

Two men were traveling (1) … a very wild part (2) … America. They saw no houses and no traces of civilization (3) … many days. They saw only the few huts made (4) … wood where Indians lived. One day they met an old Indian who was very clever and knew everything (5) … the forest. “Can you tell (6) … us what the weather will be like (7) … the next few days?” one of the travelers asked him. “Oh, yes,” he said. “Rain is coming, and wind. Then there will be snow.” “These old Indians know more about Nature than we do,” said the man (8) … his friend. Then he turned (9) … the old Indian: “How do you know all that?” The Indian answered: “I’ve heard it (10) … the radio.”

1. a) through; b) at; c) with; d) on.

2. a) in; b) at; c) of; d) across.

3. a) at; b) in; c) for; d) since.

4. a) of; b) from; c) to; d) with.

5. a) about; b) over; c) in; d) at.

6. a) to; b) -; c) for; d) about.

7. a) in; b) at; c) to; d) on.

8. a) by; b) at; c) to; d) -.

9. a) of; b) for; c) to; d) -.

10. a) by; b) at; c) to; d) on.