Архив задач


Выберите соответствующее контексту слово. Буквенное обозначение выбранного слова запишите под номером соответствующего предложения.

1. I think, in some ways my father is quite ….

a) approachable; b) approaching; c) approached; d) appoachive.

2. Their … to each other is natural.

a) friends; b) friendly; c) friendship; d) friendly.

3. He likes books about … worlds.

a) imaginative; b) imaginary; c) imagine; d) imagination.

4. The old lady looked out of a window when she heard the ….

a) explosion; b) explode; c) explosive; d) explodation.

5. The problem of protecting yet … areas grows.

a) unspoiling; b) spoilt; c) spoil; d) unspoilt.

6. By now his patience was quite ….

a) exhaust; b) exhausting; c) exhausted; d) exhaustive.

7. Nowadays the number of crimes involving … is growing.

a) violent; b) violation; c) violence; d) violated.

8. The driver had a … in controlling the car.

a) difficulty; b) difficult; c) difficulties; d) differ

9. People can be … silly.

a) amaze; b) amazing; c) amazed; d) amazingly.

10. He was looking forward to a simple but … meal.

a) satisfying; b) satisfiable; c) satisfaction; d) satisfied.