Архив задач


Из данного текста были извлечены 3 предложения (a,b,c,). Определите, в каком месте текста они должны находиться, а какие пропуски в тексте пропусками не являются. Запишите буквенные обозначения пропущенного предложения или поставьте прочерк под соответствующим номером.

About fifty feet from the hotel I met a big, black bear with her two black cubs. The little bears were having a boxing match, while the mother sat near them and watched them.
[1. ] At once the cubs ran up a tree with a speed that amazed me. When they were in the tree, they sat like small boys, holding on with their hands and swinging their little black legs in the air. [2. ] The mother bear came slowly toward me. I began to walk backwards toward the hotel. [3. ] Then she turned round and went back to the tree where her cubs were. [4. ] She stood under the tree, looking first at me and then at her family. I realized that she did not intend to attack me, so I took out my camera. [5. ] Now I took my sketchbook instead, and made a sketch of the bears.

a) As soon as they saw me, they stopped the boxing, and as soon as I saw them I stopped walking.

b) But at that moment the old bear stopped and looked at me calmly.

c) But it was near sunset in the woods, and the camera was of no use to me.