Архив задач


Выберите соответствующий контексту предлог. Буквенное обозначение выбранного предлога запишите под соответствующим номером.

Among the passengers traveling home [1]… train from Florence there was a certain Miss Bradley. I only noticed her when passing [2]… the corridor, because [3]… her really remarkable plainness. She was rather a large, awkward woman [4]… about thirty-five. I did not see Miss Bradley again until we reached Calais Maritime. And then our acquaintance really began, and it began entirely [5]… my initiative. There were plenty [6]… porters. But as I got [7]…, I saw Miss Bradley standing [8]… the platform [9]… two large very old suit-cases. The porters were passing her [10]….

[1] a) by; b) on; c) in

[6] a) - ; b) of; c) on

[2] a) out; b) down; c) over

[7] a) off; b) from; c) of

[3] a) over; b) off; c) of

[8] a) on; b) in; c) out

[4] a) above; b) of; c) from

[9] a) under; b) close; c) with

[5] a) with; b) -; c) on

[10] a) out; b) by; c) through