Архив задач


Miss Posie Carrington used to [1] …her evenings at a small restaurant where actors [2]… after performances. One night when Miss Posie was enjoying a late [3] …in the company of her fellow-actors, a shy, awkward young man [4] …the restaurant. It was clear that the lights and the people made him [5]…. He upset one chair, sat in another one, and turned red at the approach of a waiter. "You may [6] …me a glass of beer', he said, in answer to the waiter's [7]…. He looked around the place and then seeing Miss Carrington, [8] …and went to her table with a shining smile. "How're you, Miss Posie?" he said. "Don't you remember me — Bill Summers — the Summerses that [9] …live next door to you? I've grown up since you left Cranberry Corners. They still remember you there. Eliza Perry [10] … me to see you in the city while I was here.

[1] a) waste; b) spend

[6] a) take; b) fetch

[2] a) collected; b) gathered

[7] a) response; b) question

[3] a) supper; b) breakfast

[8] a) rose; b) raised

[4] a) entered; b) came

[9] a) used to; b) were used to

[5] a) uncomfortable; b) inconvenient

[10] a) said; b) told