Архив задач


Заполните пропуски в тексте словами, данными после текста. Запишите ответ на листе для ответов, например «1. understood».

The process of international organization had its origins in the nineteenth century. Innovations (1)…with the rise of industrialism and the introduction of new methods of transport and communication (2)…the creation of special-purpose agencies, usually (3)… public international unions, (4)… to facilitate the collaboration of governments in dealing with economic, social, and technical problems. Notable among these were the International Telegraphic Union (1865) and the Universal Postal Union (1874), which survived to become (5)… agencies of the United Nations system (the former under the title International Telecommunication Union) after World War II. In the political field, an effort to institutionalize the dominant role of the great powers of Europe (6)…at the Congress of Vienna in 1815. While the resultant Concert of Europe did not assume the character of a standing political organization, the same pattern (7)… until World War I as the framework for a system of occasional great-power conferences which (8)…some substance to the idea that the European family of states (9)… an organized entity. This concept was broadened by the Hague Conferences of 1899 and 1907, which (10)… small states as well as great powers, and extra-European as well as European states, to participation in collective political deliberations.

called, associated, admitted, designed, was undertaken, lent, functioned, specialized, stimulated, constituted