Архив задач


Соотнесите начала пословиц, данные в левой колонке, с окончаниями в правой колонке. Запишите ответ на листе для ответов, например, «1а».


1. The cat shuts its eyes

a) before they are hatched.

2. When the cat’s away,

b) man’s true touchstone.

3. The chain is no stronger

c) costs nothing.

4. A lean compromise is better

d) when stealing.

5. Calamity is

e) in rotten apples.

6. Confession is

f) the mice will play.

7. A guilty conscience is

g) than its weakest link.

8. Don’t count your chickens

h) the first step to repentance.

9. Courtesy

i) than a fat law suit.

10. There is small choice

j) a self-accuser.