Архив задач


Из данного текста были извлечены 3 предложения (a,b,c,). Определите, в каком месте текста они должны находиться, а какие пропуски в тексте пропусками не являются. Запишите соответствующие буквенные обозначения пропущенного предложения или прочерк под соответствующим номером.

Buttonwood Street, Philadelphia, where Frank Cowperwood spent the first ten years of his life, was a lovely place for a boy to live in. [1…] There were trees in the street — a lot of them. [2…] Behind each house there was a garden with trees and grass and sometimes flowers. [3…] Henry Cowperwood, the father of the family, started life as a bank clerk, but when Frank, his elder son, was ten, Henry Cowperwood became a teller at the bank. As his position grew more responsible, his business connections increased. [4…] He already knew a number of rich businessmen who dealt with the bank where he worked. [5…] He was quite often allowed to come to the bank on Saturdays, when he would watch with great interest the quick exchange of bills.

a) The Cowperwoods, father and mother, were happy with their children.

b) There were mainly red brick houses there with small marble steps leading up to the front doors.

c) Young Cowperwood took an interest in his father's progress.